Dr. Gisele Caseiras

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with children, young people and families.

Who is Dr Gisele Caseiras?

Dr Gisele Caseiras is a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist working with children, adolescents, young people, parents and families.

She is registered with both The Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists (TSP) and the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). In addition to Psychotherapy, Dr Gisele Caseiras also teaches at a Master’s program at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, co-facilitating the Difference, Identity, and Diversity workshop.

Dr Gisele Caseiras is also a medical doctor specialized in Radiology with a deep interest in Neuroimaging. She has a PhD in Neuroscience and Neuroimaging from the Institute of Neurology, University College London (UCL) and a Masters in Psychological Therapies, and a Postgraduate in Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Wellbeing from The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Gisele Caseiras has lived and worked in Brazil, New York City and London and has over 13 years of study, research, practice and experience. Dr Gisele Caseiras uses her knowledge in medicine, neuroscience and mindfulness to inform her thinking. She has worked in the charity sector, at primary school and at an NHS multidisciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic, where she saw a wide range of young people and their families.

Dr Gisele Caseiras sees clients from her office in Harley Street or Cavendish Square.

How Dr Gisele Caseiras works and who she can help

Dr Gisele Caseiras helps children, adolescents, young people and parents through short- or long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy by listening without judgment, understanding what is troubling you and offering support.

She provides a safe and confidential space in therapy where one can share their worries, distress, and anxieties. This professional and empathic relationship allows people to feel understood and relived. As human beings, we tend to preserve and perpetuate the way we ‘re-act’ to circumstances. Dr Gisele Caseiras believes that in psychotherapy, one can learn about oneself and rewire new brain pathways that will enable us to see new ways of relating to ourselves and others.

Self-awareness can be transformative to a person’s life, improving one’s sense of wellness and stimulating change. Dr Gisele Caseiras’ view is that one does not need to have a diagnosis to engage with a therapist. Any child, adolescent, young person or parent might want someone to talk to from time to time in their life.

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The initial meetings are essential for the client to think if they feel comfortable in this therapeutical relationship as its bond is key for an effective and meaningful therapy.

Working with Children, Adolescents and Young People:

Young individuals are often seen individually, but that can be discussed directly with the client. When seeing children and adolescents, the initial meeting can be with parents or with both parents and child or adolescent. During the following sessions, Dr Gisele Caseiras meets with the child or adolescent alone to assess the difficulty from their perspective. Meetings with parents are scheduled separately to discuss progress.

Dr Gisele Caseiras sees children, adolescents, young people and families who might need help with behaviour or emotional difficulties, such as: sleeping and toileting issues; dealing with conflicts; conduct problems; friendship issues; anger management; peer and adult relationship problems; trauma; low mood; depression; anxiety; self-harm; low self-esteem; trauma; identity concerns; eating problems; bodily symptoms of stress and anxiety and COIVD-19 related stress or trauma.

Working with Parents:

Dr Gisele Caseiras sees parents, alone or as a couple who wish to understand their child better; explore parenting difficulties or parenting worries due to separation. Dr Gisele Caseiras also sees parents of children who are struggling with emotional or behavioural problems and parents of adolescents who might be trying to understand their child’s current behaviour.


All sessions are weekly and last 50 min. Sessions are held on the same day and time to allow consistency. Sessions can be carried out in either English or Portuguese. Parent review meetings are scheduled and charged separately. The initial 30 minutes telephone conversation is free of charge.

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How can therapy help me?

Our brain has a vast potential to change. It is constantly evolving as we learn new things every day. Therapy helps us understand our patterns of behaving and relating and can be a catalyst for change and growth. Once we put these into practice, we make new brain connections and learn a new way of understanding and connecting with ourselves and others.

How do children and adolescents engage in therapy?

Whether children, adolescents or young people might be struggling with daily worries or complex problems, therapy can help them. During the sessions, young people tend to talk about what is bothering them. Adolescents often talk or draw, and children might talk, play or draw while Dr Gisele Caseiras engages with them. She initiates the work by recognizing what is troubling them. Children, adolescents and young people use the space to think about their issues and understand their thoughts and feelings. They might also want to explore how to manage and find new solutions to their problems.

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