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Psychotherapy is a talking therapy that aims to help children, young people, and adults understand and resolve their problems by increasing self-awareness and by providing an understanding of how people relate to themselves and others. This capacity for self-reflection can lead to a positive change in behaviour and an increased sense of wellbeing.

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At times, we may have physical responses to stressful situations, such as feelings of anxiety, headaches, muscular pains or feelings of panic that we cannot explain or easily resolve. We might also come across a general feeling of sadness and loss of energy and engagement in our lives. These experiences can be explored in psychotherapy to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how the mind and body can influence each other.

Although psychotherapy can be helpful for many medical conditions, one does not need a medical diagnosis to engage in psychotherapy. Anyone who is curious about themselves or is going through a stressful period in life can benefit tremendously from psychotherapy.

Career Consulting and Coaching

LikeMinds offer career consulting, taking a psychologically informed approach to working with individuals and groups. We understand that we take the entirety of ourselves into our working lives, with all our strengths and all our vulnerabilities. By exploring these in a confidential and thoughtful way, we can help you identify your goals and the relevant steps you will take to achieve your hopes and ambitions.

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Working with you individually might include career development, a career transition or even a complete change of career. You may be a young person trying to make decisions about future education and career paths or perhaps you are a growing company or a group within a larger organisation facing workplace challenges.

Our key aim is to assist you in developing a career which supports your chosen lifestyle and which feels meaningful and satisfying to you at whatever stage of life you are at. We believe that if you can find work which motivates you, which harnesses your life experience and skill sets, work you can truly enjoy and find meaningful, you will be able to develop expertise and create success and satisfaction for yourself and others.Our employment needs can change quite profoundly and rapidly over our working lives and what may have felt positive and appropriate at one stage may suddenly feel quite different at another. In addition, the working and educational environment is changing rapidly and will require all of us to continue to develop our skill sets and remain adaptable throughout our working life.

You may feel that you have not achieved your goals and are unsure why. Or perhaps you have not found the time to revisit your goals in sufficient depth to know whether they remain relevant to you. 

By undertaking an in-depth analysis and review of the interaction between your personal and professional experiences and achievements, we will help you identify the appropriate goals and framework for making informed and constructive changes to your working life. We understand that we can all learn as much from the mistakes we might have made as from the successes we have enjoyed. We can help you harness the advantage of understanding and assimilating this.

We can also work with organisational groups to help better understand group dynamics, to structure team building, clarify goals, improving teamwork and supporting and helping ourselves and our colleagues at work. We can assist in learning how to set better boundaries for oneself and others.

LikeMinds can help in the development of a healthy and sustainable work and life balance for the future.


At LikeMinds we believe wellness is more than just the absence of conflicts and difficulties, but also the ability to recover from setbacks. It is only normal that children, adolescents and adults face periods of stress. You can increase your sense of wellness by exploring what is going on for you and gaining awareness of your strengths and challenges. This self-awareness will help you manage conflicts and grow. We believe that by offering a holistic approach, we can think about the individual as a whole and offer the right support for you.


Counselling and psychotherapy are often terms used interchangeably. Similar to psychotherapy, counselling will focus on particular issues with which a client wants some support. These might include problems such as bereavement, divorce, moving home or country, an accident, redundancy, workplace or school bullying or perhaps being the victim of a crime to name a few.

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Counselling and psychotherapy focus on problem solving or understanding the difficult emotions experienced during such life challenges. In counselling, you may be helped with learning specific techniques for managing these problems or coping with immediate stress management.

Counselling is usually short term, limited in scope and a set number of sessions can be agreed in advance with your therapist. During these sessions, should you and your therapist find that longer-term, broader issues need to be addressed, this can be renegotiated.

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Fees depend on the type of service provided and will be confirmed with your booking.

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